The Food

The stuff you'll be washing down with all that fine beer!

Der Menu

Dinner tickets $15, or inlcuded with party pack.

Pretzel: $4
Large German style pretzel form a local German bakery.
Apple Studel
& Ice Cream: $5
Large German style Apple Strudel with vanilla ice cream.
Munchner Weisswurste
(1) Dinner Ticket
From the Bavarian Sausage Heaven! Two of Munich's famous white sausages (Veal or Pork) traditionally poached or grilled with Red Cabbage, mashed potatoes and a Pyrenees roll.
Nurnberge Rostbratwurstl
(1) Dinner Ticket
Sausage at its Best! Two roasted Pork Sausages with sauerkraut, Mashed Potatoes and a Pyrenees roll.
(1) Dinner Ticket
This is one Bavarian dish you cannot live without! Famous "Munich Pork Roast" with a dark Beer sauce, red cabbage, Mashed Potatoes, and a Pyrenees roll
(1) Dinner Ticket
For those that aren't quite ready to try out their German taste buds. Tri-Tip with, mashed potatoes, beans and a Pyrenees roll
Vegetarian Dish
(1) Dinner Ticket
Veggie burger, mashed potatoes, beans and a Pyrenees roll.