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This great line-up will keep you and your friends partying all night long.



Stein Carrying Contest

The Queen Stein Carrying contest is always one of the highlights of any Oktoberfest. The contest is fashioned after a tradition in the beer tents in Germany in which the bar waitresses carries beers in one litre steins to the tables, often carrying up to five steins in each hand! Each girl must pick up the steins and carry them a distance of 20 feet, and set them back down. They must do this without spilling more than three ounces out of any one stein. Which ever girl can carry the most steins "succesfully" is crowned the Queen.

Stein Holding Contest

Participants are given one last chance to take a sip of their delicious brew and then are invited to stand in a line facing the crowd. Then, in unison, everyone must raise their liter stein to start the official competition. The stein must be raised so that it is parallel with the participant's shoulder blades and must be held in this position for as long as possible.

This is no contest for the weary, however; each stein weighs about three pounds! That may sound light, but try holding one of these massive steins in place for two minutes and you will feel the burn in your biceps! The winner is who ever can hold their beer outright the longest.

The Safe Beer Slam

This traditional beer drinking contest pits festival-goers against each other to see just who is the fastest beer drinker! Beer drinkers who are up for the challenge will slam a one liter beer from our Das Boot bier stein. The winner of the contest is the man, or woman, that can drink their beer the fastest without spilling. To ensure the safety of the participants, a non-alcoholic beer will be used. Please remember to always drink responsibly.

Think you have what it takes? Then come join us and try your luck.